Eva Vati, Founder and CEO at VATI of Sweden has developed an education program in order to teach companies around the world to adapt to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs. She has long experience from working with these issues and she is working close to different United Nations organizations.

As 193 country leaders, in autumn 2015, agreed upon the Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goal she realized that this will undoubtedly be our future in the business world sooner or later.

Sweden, as well as the UN demand sustainable procurement and it means that companies need to work on sustainability and integrate it into their processes more and more in the years to come. Eva Vati was early convinced that successful businesses in the future have to be built on principles of sustainability, social, economic as well as environmental. There are several advantages with being sustainable. She says:

– A certified business can more easily reach the global markets with all its potential, among other things. And by integrating the SDGs into business strategy you are future-proofing your company.

The education that provides you with the right tools

Eva Vati´s programme helps businesses to design their business strategies and each participant gets a certificate when the course is completed. It usually takes 8-10 weeks, it is online and you can work at your own pace. Every other week there is a group coaching where you can ask questions and discuss different issues. It is an international programme held in English and you can participate wherever you are in the world.

Eva says, about 80 companies from different countries are participating in the online course. There are big businesses as well as small ones. Here they all meet at common ground. As an international speaker, the plan is to go to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia and Germany soon.

Sustainable for real

It is vital that companies can show to the outer world that they are sustainable and that they have identified both risks and business opportunities for the future to come. It’s important that sustainability is integrated in all processes. Additionally, sustainable procurement in both national and international trade will be the new normal.

It is an urgent call for action for all countries to show that it is possible to make money and be sustainable at the same time. Costumers and other stakeholders will demand that you are.

– This is my mission, to create change and a better world through economic growth in a responsible way, she says.